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Plant Value is a project in which HLB aims to develop sustainable crop protection services while getting the most out of each plant. To reach this objective HLB is developing three consultancy services in collaboration with University of Groningen, Stichting ROL, New Businesses and co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) and the provinces of Drenthe and Groningen. 


Consultancy service: Ozone

Ozone damage is often mistaken for symptoms of early blight and can cause major yield losses . With the consultancy service ozone we aim to:
- Reduce  damage by usage of plant- derived compounds and variety selection
- Improve  our diagnostic service  by digitalization of data and the development of an application


Consultancy service: Tagetes
Nematode control in lily cultivation has become increasingly difficult due to restrictions on nematicide use. With the consultancy service Tagetes we aim to:
- Improve  value of Tagetes used for the biological control of nematodes by: Lutein extraction 


Consultancy service:  Soil resilience

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In the soil, many microbes are present with the ability to stimulate plant growth. However, application of such microbes often leads to mixed results due to a lack of understanding of how soil and the microbial community interact. 
Here we perform trials to develop insight into optimal application of promising beneficial microbes.


Hatching agents

Plant parasitic nematodes in soil form a major threat to crops. We aim to develop a biological control of Potato Cyst Nematodes with the use of hatching agents like those naturally produced in potato related crops. 
When hatching agents are applied to the soil in a period between cultivation of potatoes,  hatched nematodes cannot multiply on the crop and starve.









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