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HLB has collaborated with the companies ProfytoDSD and Pars to develop a PCN subscription to support seed and consumption potato growers in their fight against potato cyst nematodes. The subscription includes:

1) intensive sampling after harvest (AMI 225 with quad bike with >700 samples per ha);
2) analysis of the PCN contamination level in cysts and living larvae and eggs (sample);
3) variety determination (G. pallida, G. rostochiensis or combinations of both) using DNA technology whereby all cysts are analysed. This ensures extremely high reliability so that the right choice of cultivar can be made on the basis of these results.
On the basis of the results of the sample analyses and the knowledge of the history of the soil and the fields, a recommendation is provided per field every year with a focus on the official sampling time, the choice of cultivar and the choice of suitable pesticide over time.


Voluntary sampling

HLB's sampling staff are active in the provinces of Groningen and Friesland and the Noordoostpolder (Northeast Polder). Wherever possible, they use quad bikes to take samples immediately after the harvest. HLB is by far the biggest collector of voluntary samples in Friesland's subsidised sampling project.
The chance of detecting new PCN cysts is the greatest immediately after the harvest (in any case before the harvested field is ploughed). Intensive sampling is no problem in crops that are planted after a potato harvest if the fields have not been ploughed (for example winter wheat in the spring). HLB samples with quad bikes by preference, because this method allows many samples to be taken (>700/ha) so that the chance of detecting contamination sources, even small ones, is greater.



HLB has collaborated with the companies ProfytoDSD and Pars to develop a supervision programme to provide assistance in decontaminating PCN infected soil and keeping it that way. This supervision is provided per field throughout the farm, because the PCN problem can only be met if the entire operation is involved.


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