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At HLB we value sustainability highly. This is why we have opted for green website hosting. We are convinced that the more companies choose to work sustainably, the more chance we will have of making a difference together and ensuring a viable future for the world. For us, every day is earth day. That is why we have joined the Cleanbits network, ensuring that our website is run on a CO2 neutral server. This green network invests in sustainable energy and plants trees in collaboration with the Geldersch Landschap nature conservation organisation to achieve still more CO2 reduction. Our new green logo clearly proclaims that HLB has chosen to be a sustainable enterprise. Only by cooperating can we make a difference.

Laatste Tweets

HLBbv Gister heeft de proefvelddienst samen met @HaaijerLoonwerk het eerste uienproefveld gezaaid! #onderzoek #landbouwhttps://t.co/jULRnUCU0n
HLBbv RT @campusgr_: Wat kan het plantje Tagetes (Afrikaantje) betekenen voor de landbouw, de chemische sector en de gezondheidszorg? Check #Camp
HLBbv RT @harrysfarm: Vanmiddag heeft @HLBbv met de quad #grondonderzoek gedaan. De #akker wordt onderzocht op de aanwezigheid van schadelijke…



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